About Madison


Madison Leigh Akridge, LCSW, BCC, CIHC

Madison is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified Coach, Certified International Health Coach and Reiki Master/Teacher. Madison's background includes Existential Philosophy, Clinical Social Work, Applied Behavior Analysis, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (R) and Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

As a Coach and Consultant, Madison specializes in Essential Soul Care (TM), Intuitive Wellness, Body-Mind-Spirit Connection, Poetic Self-Expression (Haiku as Meditation), Reiki & Energy Balance, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Self-Care, and Labyrinth Meditation & Mindfulness. Madison uses a variety of intuitive tools in her work, such as Guided Visualization and Journeying, Oracle Cards, Crystals, Dowsing, Reiki, Essential Oils, and Earthing.

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